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From 1994 until today, Radio Galaxias faithfully serves news, entertainment and education and tries to stay in tune with the signs of the times as well as the needs of its listeners. Public radio is ready to keep you company at all times, as well cover all your interest. Its programs appeal to all audiences and preferences. The most significant factors of its successful development are its employees, who guarantee quality, reliability and morals. Radio Galaxias puts you in the mood with its many diverse frequencies. Are you in the mood for Greek, foreign or classical music' For news or sports' Or are you looking for communication' Wherever you area and whatever you like, there is Galaxias station that will fit your mood. Anyway, Galaxias is everywhere, all over Greece, all over the World. Furthermore, obeying to the changes in technology and the demands of the millennium, Galaxias, and all its programs, are now on the Internet .
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