“ San Francisco's music station for Generation Alice ”

Alice @ 97.3 is a local radio station in the San Francisco Bay Area. We're known for our music, our outrageous Morning Show and reckless abandon for art, film and all things that inspire. Alice Music is artists like Coldplay, U2, Matchbox Twenty, Alanis Morissette, Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson and John Mayer. We also play songs from emerging artists because we believe in supporting original music. Alice is true to the music. Bands and artists always drop by the studio to play live, and we throw two concerts a year in Golden Gate Park. We love to share our passion with everyone. Hear us anywhere at radioalice.com
Added on: 02/08/2014
Encoding: MP3
Tags: Hot AC
Language: English
Address: 865 Battery Street, 3rd Fl, San Francisco, CA 9411 San Francisco (US)
Phone: 415-765-4097
Website: Click to visit